Three-Dimensional Decoration

By using this technique and thanks to our constant innovations and improvements made to the system, Depinsa is able to apply finishes to pieces with different shapes and volumes.

Decoration can be transferred on any type of material with very different characteristics.

We can get finishes identical to wood (pine, walnut, cherry wood, mahogany), root, marble, fibres (Kevlar, carbon fibre), and a great variety of fantasy designs.

Soft- Feeling

It is soft to the touch and is widely used in sectors such as the auto industry and electrical fittings. It gives a very nice feel to the piece.


They are used on those surfaces and finishes which need good quality. They are applied in order to obtain a good hardness and colourfulness.

Metallic and Colours

They are very extended finishes in sectors such as: cosmetics, perfumery, the auto industry, electrical fittings, etc. They can be applied on plastic and metal materials such as:
· Plastic: Polypropylene, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyurethane, polyamide, urea, etc.
· Metal: Iron, aluminium, stainless steel, zamack, etc.